How it works?

Payit is a simple online tool to easily collect and monitor payments.


Create an account on Payit.

Step 1 - Payit

Create an activity and enter a price.

Step 2 - Payit

Forward the link to anyone you want.

Step 3 - Payit

The recipient clicks through, fills in his details and the quantity and pays.

Step 4 - Payit

In the Payit dashboard you can easily monitor all the different activities and the payments received.

Step 5 - Payit

    Multiple activities?

    With a Payit account it is possible to easily organize multiple activities at the same time and still split the payments. This way you can easily send a separate link out for the school trip, the flower sale, the trip to Disneyland …


    Safety first

    Direct payments

    No administration

    Set up in one click

    Did you know that…

    the activities are free?
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