What costs Payit?

Payit is a budget-friendly online payment tool. Our rates are clear and transparent. The rates for Payit are based on a price per payment received.

Good news:
the activities are
completely free!

We offer you the opportunity to discover the benefits of Payit free of charge. If you want to share an initial payment link or payment request with a group, follow the simple step-by-step plan.

How it works?


Create account


Creating your activity


Number of members/users


Price per online payment


with a minimum of € 0,49

Example of an activity via Payit

A youth movement is organizing a day out. The bus trip to the sea is chargeable and costs € 25 per member. The management creates one payment link and sends it to all parents. Parents can register online. With 80 participants, good for € 2,000 in the drawer, the settlement looks as follows.

Create activity ‘bus trip Ostend’


Send newsletter to all members


Cost price per participant

€ 0,75

No hidden costs

Creating an account on Payit is completely free.

The online transaction fee of the payment partner is included.

The paid amount will arrive on your bank account the following day.

There is no cost price per member that you will create in the platform.

Good to know

You can create unlimited activities and there is no limit on the number of activities created.

You can easily import members via Excel and then send a newsletter with one click of the button.

You can easily copy past activities so you don't have to recreate everything.

After each payment, the end customer receives a PDF as proof of his payment.

You can easily personalize activities by using your own logo or adding photos.

If you have no registrations or no online sales, no problem, Payit remains free.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Any questions?

If you would like more information about Payit and its operation, please leave your email address below and we will contact you without obligation.

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