Payit in all safety

Anyone who talks about online payment cannot ignore the safety aspect. For Payit, smooth and secure payment is essential. That is why we choose certified companies such as Bancontact and Payconiq.

With these partners we create security for both the payer and the recipient. Security for those who pay and for those who manage, in combination with unprecedented ease of use? Check!

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The benefits at a glance

Almost 9 out of 10 people prefer an electronic payment method to cash. In some countries they even pay exclusively electronically.

Thanks to reliable and certified partners such as Bancontact or Payconiq, every transaction is encrypted and secure.

Sums paid via Payit go automatically from the buyer's account to the seller's account. There are no intermediaries!

It is better for the environment. The footprint of cash is not small. Just think of frequent cash transport and the many raw materials needed to produce notes and coins.

Payit makes cookie sales a lot more efficient. The teacher easily creates a payment link, which the young people deliver to family, friends and sympathizers. At a glance there is a clear overview of who ordered how many cookies. All roads may lead to Rome, but the Payit road is undoubtedly the fastest!

Good news:
the activities are
completely free!

We offer you the opportunity to discover the benefits of Payit free of charge. If you want to share an initial payment link or payment request with a group, follow the simple step-by-step plan.

How it works?

Satisfied users testify

“We are very happy with the discovery of Payit. Payments run smoothly and the administration is much easier. This payment tool really lives up to its slogan!”

H.J., director of The Rainbow Elementary School

“Becoming a teacher was my calling, unfortunately the administrative grind that comes with the job cannot be underestimated. Since a colleague recommended Payit to me, I have created a payment link for this and cookie sales for the Rome trip have gone a lot more smoothly. I also see it as a lesson for the students. We think about digital applications and how we can use them to increase efficiency.”

F.N., lecturer of Our Lady College

“This year we used Payit for the first time. We were curious whether this method would mean less administration for the teaching staff. The time savings we achieved was, in a word: enormous. We will also use Payit from now on for promotions in favor of study trips or master classes.”

L.L., lecturer in nursing

“For our last gymnastics performance, we organized payments via Payit. We were surprised that we immediately got a view of the number of tickets purchased. Very useful for placing specific orders directly with the brewer and caterer. Highly recommended for any association that organizes something!”

L.V., chairman of the gymnastics club


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