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From local youth association to larger non-profit organizations that join forces for a good cause... They all deserve to be supported as much as possible. Organizing events and monitoring payments related to this is possible from now on it will be much easier for them thanks to Payit!'

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Satisfied users testify

“For our last gymnastics performance, we organized payments via Payit. We were surprised that we immediately got a view of the number of tickets purchased. Very useful for placing specific orders directly with the brewer and caterer. Highly recommended for any association that organizes something!”

L.V., chairman of the gymnastics club

“Since we all do this after our day jobs, any form of administrative simplification is very welcome. Via Payit we can easily send requests and follow up every aspect of payments. Now when we organize a new meeting, everything behind the scenes runs much more smoothly!”

N.M., treasurer

“With Payit we always have a correct overview of who paid how much. Organizing is so much easier! We used to have to check the choir’s bill frequently. Sometimes there were registrations that had not yet been paid... or there were transfers without the correct entry, or with an incorrect amount. That can no longer happen thanks to Payit!”

N.V., conductor

“Our valued volunteers used to sit behind the cash register, the well-known colored cash box. Charming, but cumbersome and time-consuming. The number of times we had to go to the bank to get change or make deposits... Countless! With Payit, all that is no longer necessary!”

V.M., Treasurer of the vzw


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